Located in the heart of Chennai city, the sprawling campus of the College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG) with cutting edge infrastructure has been the foundation for many a successful engineer, scholar and a leader. With close ties with industry, excellent research practices and multiple extra-curricular options, the institution advances the progression of the student's quest for knowledge. The faculty along with the excellent student population makes the campus one of the best places to study in the nation.


GREENICS is a national level inter college technical symposium conducted by the Society of Agricultural and Irrigation Engineers (SAIE), Centre for Water Resources (CWR), College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), Anna University, Chennai-25. It has been successfully conducted over the past eight years. It serves a platform for the students, Corporates and Farmers from all over the country to interact and share thier idea".

Farming, the wisest pursuit and farmer, the creator of food are the greatest assets of our country. In the intention of empowering this farming communities and to make power and technology reach to their roots, the SAIE with College of Engineering Guindy organizes “FARMER SESSION”, an exclusive interactive and learning session for the farmers. This event was first initiated in Greenics’10 and received a tremendous response from farmers all over Tamil Nadu. The event also garnered much praise from the media and the scientific fraternity. Farmer session programme is an intensive education programme focused on providing the skills, inspiration and experience necessary for participants to embark on starting their own small farm with confidence. Participants learn how to become self reliant farmers, carrying out all aspects of farm production in addition to learning marketing skills. Our proud look back into our previous workshop in farmer session saw learning sessions on some of the highly purposeful and contemporary topics in the field of agriculture such as:
    • Ultra high density plantation
    • Mushroom cultivation
    • Precision Farming
    • System of rice intensification
    • Hi-tech farming using mulching sheet method
    • Animal husbandry
    • Banana tissue culture

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